Bans for the player    76561198190483125

# Server IP Server alias Server version Username Reason Added in database on
1Orphan⸸ H i t o m i ☽disrespecting admin and disrupting server event2020-01-18 15:05:35
No data⸸ H i t o m i ☽Discrimination and Continuous Toxicity against players2020-04-20 15:23:16
No data

Bans from the old system

# Username Reason Added in database on
1Shanaynay Mathers ♡continuation of harrasment on all players2017-09-11 15:39:57
2daddy issues ♡Sexual Harassment, racism, toxic behaviour. Multiple offences and complaints from other players. When banned blames admin for picking friends (I acted on proof alone). Plays innocent card and proceeds to enlist followers (weak minded guys) to try kill and undermine server and spread rumours.2019-02-04 16:33:33
3shanaynayDiscrimination and Continuous Toxicity against players2019-11-17 00:51:24